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    Skyva by Jeff Pang 

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    Hey there

    Just picked up my first yoyo in 4 years at a visit to A2Z in Northampton, MA today. I occasionally check to see the current yoyos that are selling, and when I did so a few weeks ago I noticed that TheYo forum's very own Jeffrey Pang had a yoyo in online storefronts. They happened to have it in stock at A2Z,which I'm sure some of the older members remember that this is the store Andre Boulay and Eric Koloski worked at.

    I decided to buy it because I remember Jeff being pretty awesome and it looked dope. It is. I've been out of the game for a minute but I don't understand why anyone would buy any $50+ yoyo when stuff like this is available.

    Not a real in depth review just wanted to share my love in case Pang sees it and to urge some of the older members that still lurk to check it out.
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    Re: Skyva by Jeff Pang 
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    Hey Durfee! The Skyva Is on my list to get. I always hear good things about It. Glad you're digging It!
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    Re: Skyva by Jeff Pang 
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    I haven't bought any new yoyos in a while, so I haven't tried it, but Jeffrey seems to take a lot of pride and put in a lot of work to anything he does. The Skyva looks nice and I've heard a lot of good things about it, and it's good to hear you're enjoying it as well.
    RIP YoMike
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