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    Duncan Ignite 

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    I know that it's a cheap looper, but there isn't a review for this yo-yo, and I thought that I'd do one.

    I don't have the original packaging for this yo-yo, but it is the same that is used for the Butterfly and Imperial.

    So, I picked this up when I was at Cracker Barrel, which is the only place that you can get this yo-yo without ordering it in bulk from Duncan.

    This was the last one, so I'm not sure if they carry it in other colors or not.

    The yo-yo came with the standard cotton string. Which worked pretty good. Now I have, I think, a slick 6 string. Which works pretty good as well.

    So, when you open up the yo-yo, you'll find that has the brake pad response system with a wooden axle. Normally, I don't care for the brake pad response, because to me it seems to slip on loops, but the wood axle balances it out, for better looping.

    I don't loop a lot, so I only know a couple of the basic tricks, but I think this is a very good yo-yo to start looping on. It's a fun yo-yo to use, too.

    Overall, I like this yo-yo a lot, and would recommend it. For $5, it's worth it.
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    Re: Duncan Ignite 
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    i have 2 of them both are black and yellow, i let my kids play with them and try to loop every now and then

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    Re: Duncan Ignite 
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    for the record, you can easily convert it to bearing using a duncan sized bearing, & 2 of the raw brass spacers.
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