Hey guys, it has been a while, I hope you're all doing well!

I started doing a video blog series a few weeks ago called Let's Play Yo-Yo, where in these videos I learn a trick that my viewers have voted on, all on camera. In the middle of learning the trick I also answer questions and do my best to be entertaining so that it's not just a boring video of someone missing a trick until the end. Here is a link to the playlist of what I've got so far for any of those who might be interested in watching.


I just got Episode 005 up last night, it's about Gary Li's trick called Funky Giraffe. If anyone does watch it and likes it please let me know :) If you have any questions to ask or tricks to suggest just leave them in the comments (if you leave them on YouTube it's easier for me to find but you can leave them here too )

Take to you guys soon, take care and happy 4th of July!