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    Spots on your aluminum yoyo? 
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    Fear not!! These oxidization spots are easily removed by using a jewelry polishing cloth made for sterling silver. Just rub them away. Be careful not to let the blacked cloth contact the satin finish on the rims because it has just enough texture to take the black oxidization from the dirty cloth! Some wax or other sealer will slow the next oxidization.
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    Re: Spots on your aluminum yoyo? 
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    That's mainly an issue for you sweaty guys in Florida.

    Team Weenieyo
    "No one ever got better at hockey by bowling"
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    Re: Spots on your aluminum yoyo? 
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    Another Floridian? Nice!
    Welcome to theyo

    I'm at the Space Coast. Cape Canaveral to be exact.

    .............................Team Weenieyo
    Ditch Down in my town.
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