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    Happy national yoyo day! 
    Indeed good sir! J_scap's Avatar
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    How are you celebrating, I delivered a yoyo to one of my friends. He came to me a forigner and I am sending him back to japan a yoyoer .

    I do chain maille, you can see it here and here.
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    Re: Happy national yoyo day! 
    actually much sexier in person jrodriguez's Avatar
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    Hope you guys get a ton of yoyoing in. I'm celebrating with a mini meet at a tattoo studio tonight.
    At least 15% of what I say is true.

    Finger Lakes Yoyo Club in Ithaca, NY - PM me for details.
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    Re: Happy national yoyo day! 
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    I can't yo-yo. :\ I've had a mosquito bite on my throwhand middle finger right where I put my string on. Past two days have been pretty terrible

    The best kind of robbery is Jon robbery.
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    Re: Happy national yoyo day! 
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    Happy yoyo day!
    If I could only have one super power, it would be the power to have all the powers I want!

    Quote Originally Posted by Atomic Cow View Post
    Cannon chop ninja in half.
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    Re: Happy national yoyo day! 
    Throwing it since '96 AngryGumball's Avatar
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    National yo-yo day...the day yo-yos decide they want to attack me. Got smashed my my popstar earlier on my left hand (Did a lunch break yo session), then go to mess with my Drifter just now when it decides it wants to snag mid hard throw, smack my chest, then slowly unwind the rest of the way. Maybe they're disliking the fact that one of them spent almost an 8-hour day stuffed in a dark pocket instead of being played... I think today (there's still a bit of the day left, just got off work) I will learn a new trick or 2.
    Main Yo-yo lineup:
    Duncan Raptor (Rawr!), RecRev No. 9, Yomega Maverick, Metal Drifter, Popstar, and Lyn Fury

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