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    Duncan Crew on tour 
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    This past week I spent my time hanging out with Hank Freeman, Drew Tetz, Jack Ringca, and Takeshi Kamisato. I go to tell you right now, it was awesome! Duncan is having their Heritage Tour. They are celebrating their Heritage by going around, giving demos, teaching new people the ten basic tricks, and giving away a bike. This past week they were in KC. They went to four different location with in the city (Moon Marble in Bonner Springs, Constructive Play things in Leawood, The Toy Store in Lawrence, and Brookside Toy and Science in KCMO) teaching a demonstrating what yoyoing is all about. On their last stop held a contest on the ten basic tricks. The prize being the bike.(They said that I could not compete for the bike. Something like, they did not wanting me stealing a bike from a bunch of little kids.) There were enough advanced level players there, that they held an expert division contest of the ten basic trick. In the expert division there were modifiers you could add to each trick, like, throw in your left hand, stand on one leg, close your eyes, and do they trick behind your back. As you would expect, we had some crazy tricks. The expert division broke down like this; Justin Perez (me) came in 3rd. Blake Freeman got 2nd and National Master, Rick Wyatt took home the gold. It was a blast! I invite you to go to; and check out the pictures and blogs and videos of their stops. You can also check out when they are going to be close to your town, so you can go hang out with them.

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    Re: Duncan Crew on tour 
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    Sounds like a good time! Very cool--hopefully they'll make up to Canada some day!
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    Re: Duncan Crew on tour 
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    Sounds like an awesome time!
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