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    Howdy from Kansas 

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    Hey all, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm from Kansas City and have been yoyoing off and on for over a year now. I'd like to get a bit more serious about the hobby and have recently started practicing more. I like the 2A style and have been practicing/selecting yoyos accordingly. I started on a Duncan Imperial but my first "serious" yoyo was a Bumblebee. I really like my YYJ Unleashed and wish I'd bought more back when they were still available. I can do 4-5 loops on either hand so far. So...yeah, I'm still a n00b.

    Shout-out to Go Big Skill Toys and their free yoyo workshops! With a resource like that right in my backyard, I'd be stupid NOT to yoyo. (They TRIED to get me to buy the last Unleashed so I'd have two for 2A but did I listen? No.)

    Shout-out to Mr. J in Linwood--my husband and I recently tried to buy a house there. Small world!
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    Re: Howdy from Kansas 
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    Hi, glad to have you here.

    Team Weenieyo
    "No one ever got better at hockey by bowling"
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