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    Hi all. 

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    I'm a new "yoyoer" from France. I like both 2A and 1A. They don't seem to like me as much as I like them, but I keep trying. I'm a beginner, helped in his first throws by the "France yoyo association" and its forum. I throw mainly Vosuns (rogue and galsang proposed by "packs" by the French Association) for know, and a couple of "loop 1080" and "initiator" for the 2A.

    I'll do my best to be understandable (can be an issue in French too...).

    You might find me on another forum as "Captain Caveman", but that nickname seems to be to long for the register bot.

    See you.
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    Re: Hi all. 
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    Welcome. Even starting 2A is pretty advanced, so it's cool that you are getting into that. Good luck with both your 1A and 2A.
    RIP YoMike
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