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    I'm looking to get into 4A and 5A and am planning either one of these two options:

    1) Get a flying panda and do both since I've heard flying panda is a decent option and quite versatile.

    2) Get a YYJ Aquarius and a stock FHZ.

    Which one would you recommend? And do Friction Stickers wear out very quickly? Are there any like alternatives or substitutes or remedies for this problem?

    I can also buy a Throw Monkey or FH2 but are they better? I don't know how they are different so I'm not sure how to judge them - I heard the TM, Panda and FH2 are actually just the same with the exception of the rubber rims.
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    If you are looking for one yoyo to learn the basics of both I would say the Throw Monkey. But overall there are better options for 4a and 5a if you are willing to get two yoyos. The Yoyofactory Flight is one of the best 4a yoyo on the market right now and the Recess First Base is a fantastic yoyo for 5a and 1a.
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