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    Getting back into it! New user, not new at yo-yos 
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    Warning - Long read ahead!

    So yea, I'm a new member here. I've been yo-yoing since late early 1996 when the Yomega line was top of the line material. I began and lived off of Duncans for the longest time, mastering all the classic tricks like dog walks, and baby-rocking (Ok, I still today can't trapeze). I even started a yo-yo rage at my school before the fad hit everyone nation-wide. I think that after the nation-wide fad died off, I slowly moved away as I was entering high-school. During this time, I suffered major gear acquisition syndrome. I had just about every color Duncan imperial, Neo, Glow, and Midnight Special...and some butterflies.

    I think I came across this site in 2004 when yo-yos were becoming lightweight popular (When the Fast 201s were everywhere). I off and on lurked, mainly looking at the yo-yo mods.

    Just recently, actually, last year, I got back into yo-yoing again thanks to a gag gift my parents got me for my birthday...a classic Duncan Imperial. A week later, I bought a Mosquito (yay $5 Walmart specials) to get back into the full swing of things. Again, it died off until around this year when my niece showed me her "NED" yo-yo she got from school. Having just found my Saber Fireball, I showed her some stuff and wowed her. So now, I'm all back into it again, main focus is 1A-type stuff. Honestly, I'd say that I'm at the intermediate level as I can do a few mounts and stuff...I can't do side-style whatsoever though.

    Currently, I'm using a Freehand 2 (2010 model with recesses), DragonFly, and slightly modded Skeeter (Filled it with clay), and Limelight (A nice looper, reminds me of my old Spintastics Technic), as well as having my old Yomega stuff like the Classic Brain, Saber Fireball w/ Duncan bearing, Raider (I spent $25 on this thing back in 1998), and old fixed axles. Sorry if this thread really doesn't serve a purpose as it's only a long introduction to who I am.
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    Re: Getting back into it! New user, not new at yo-yos 
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    good to meet ya, welcome back! sounds like you're well equipped to handle whatever the yoing future may throw at you (haha, no pun intended)
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    Re: Getting back into it! New user, not new at yo-yos 
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    Welcome to the form. If you ever need help, we are always here to provide assistance.
    If I could only have one super power, it would be the power to have all the powers I want!

    Quote Originally Posted by Atomic Cow View Post
    Cannon chop ninja in half.
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    Re: Getting back into it! New user, not new at yo-yos 
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    I like to see you rocking the dragonfly. It was my first bearing yoyo. The Final Frontier. To boldly troll where no troll has trolled before...
    Quote Originally Posted by mgodinez
    i like my bearings dry...shaken, not stirred.
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