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    Left handed yo-yo-er 

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    Hey, I'm new here, I've yo-yoed a couple times when I was a teenager, however I never knew that there were so many tricks you could do with it! I mean I had that glow in the dark Duncan one, and all I did was walk the dog/creeper, around the world, sleeper...and rocking the cradle. Then I accidentally smashed it and never bothered to buy a new one!

    Well now I'm 24, I was walking in a mall the other day, and there was a yo-yo stand with Yo-Tech brands of yo yo's. I picked up the cheapest one (almost identical to the Duncan one I had) so I could rediscover the basics before I buy the more professional ones.

    It came with a nice CD and instruction manual (unlike the Duncan where I learned the tricks thru a friend of mine).

    I have good hand/finger dexterity and I think I could advance to the more complex tricks thru practice. I'm not interested in competition, just want to have fun...and impress a few chicks Although I once saw a report on CNN about a yo-yo school in switzerland where you could get a license!

    Now I joined this forum for two reasons -

    1. I'd like to learn more about the physics/mechanics of yoyos and how they work, the difference between the amateur ones and the more intricately designed professional ones. Any idea where I can read more into that?

    2. On a more personal level...I'm left handed, I yo-yo with my left. The instuction manuals I have, and on the internet are all right-hand oriented so when reading them they confuse the hell outta me. I reeaaaallllly would appreciate a guide for left handed yo-yo-ers! Also I another question - because I'm left handed, does the strings twist and tightening/yo yo maintenance procedures have to be the opposite? i.e. the anticlockwise/clockwise process....

    Ok that was quite lengthy.........I'd appreciate your help - especially on #2.

    Cheers. :)
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    Welcome! Being a fellow lefty, it's not as bad as it looks. Text descriptions are odd at first, but it's still doable. As for pictures/videos, sometimes it's easier because a lot of people make trick instructions to look as if you're looking in a mirror, so for us, we pretent we're looking as if you're looking straight at your hands.

    For the strings, they make lefty strings, but hardly anyone bothers. The directions for adjusting string tension work backwards for us, but the way we naturally wind the string through play is backwards as well, so the tricks/maneuvers/techniques work the same, but just do the opposite thing. Does that make sense? A righty tightens the string and does a UFO to loosen it. We naturally loosen string, but doing a UFO the same manner as a righty will tighten it.

    I've seen one site that gives instructions in lefty and righty. If you have text instructions, put it in a word processor, and replace counterclockwise with clockwise and vice versa, and right with left and vice versa. If you have picture descriptions, flip them horizonatlly in a image editing program. If you have a video, some plays can play the video flipped, but most can't. It may help at first, but eventually you'll just get used to sorting things out in your head.

    As for learning about how yo-yos work and what exacty makes good ones good, I'd just explore/participate on this board, and you'll soak it in soon enough... there's a LOT of threads on good yo-yos that are capable of complex tricks for certain price ranges.

    Good luck!
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    good post Baz. im not lefty but more yoers than youd think are lefty. (they are generally more creative/artistic.)
    there are a decent amount of videos out there with left handed people throwing. it is not a disadvantage. especially once you get good enough to start making up your own stuff. (not to get ahead of ourselves here.)
    anyway, (the parent site of these here forums) is a good place to get a new yo and some string to really get you started. there are some good options even under 20$ (yoyojam lyn fury, duncan freehand zero, yoyojam kickside/speedmaker etc) that you can use to get as advanced as you want. (of course, we all believed that we would only buy one and now we have way more lol.) dont let your age stop you either. there are a lot of people out of their teens who throw. im older than you, as are many others on this board. good luck.
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