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  1. KonKave bearing
  2. World of Radioactive Color
  3. Help making string
  4. Yoyo won't sleep correctly anymore
  5. So I got this Hitman
  6. First mod questions
  7. My Mods
  8. KonKave
  9. 10-ball bearings
  10. another silicone question
  11. silicone not sticking on protostar
  12. Fh Mg + DNS = Sexy YoYo
  13. !!Experienced People!! FHZ silicon
  14. So I CUTted an FHZ this morning :)
  15. Alph response
  16. How do you tarnish metal faster?
  17. My new lathe!
  18. Kyo Alph Dif e yo Shims
  19. experienced people please read!
  20. Cutting tool shimming
  21. What do you think?
  22. buzzon element x beta
  23. NvX repair for Chuck from Chaz Pads
  24. How do you polish laser engravings, leaving the anodizing unscathed?
  25. Alternative response - Werrd Two Fat Ladies
  26. Modding chrome mosquito
  27. I felt like sanding
  28. Arbors
  29. Rim Polishing by The Modfather
  30. Color shift paint on metal yoyos?
  31. broken bearing
  32. Bearingized Proyo GT and added weight to worlds Russell
  33. What axle and nuts does a Stacked PGM use?
  34. Kickside fails
  35. Lubing
  36. What's it mean for a yoyo to be "high-walled"?
  37. Siliconed YYF Velocity
  38. Where to get the bearing I need?
  39. bearing seat problems...
  40. Clear plastic PGM, can I make it glow in the dark?
  41. Butterfly axle?
  42. Breathe new life into your duncan pads
  43. A New Alternative Response System...?
  44. any videos of how to recess a FHZ?
  45. Plastic yoyos - Vinyl dyes?
  46. Fruit of the lathe
  47. I read somewere
  48. Spray Silicone?
  49. So I was at my brother in laws and it turns out he has a lathe :)
  50. Fallout TFL
  51. The Creed of the Reputable Modder
  52. Lathe tool bit angles for plastics
  53. Need A Fix For My Velocity...
  54. Foam?
  55. how should i clean my bearing?
  56. Team Losi "DA BOMB" help needed
  57. Looking for a skilled painter
  58. D bearing into a YYF VK, plus widened silicone grooves
  59. Silicone Question
  60. Does anyone powdercoat?
  61. Undersize Plastic Grind Machine? Check!
  62. Undersize FHZ? Check!
  63. Got a question for the Modders....
  64. Some small mods done to my lathe and mill
  65. Flying Panda Weight Mod
  66. Silicone a Matt Schmitt Underdog?
  67. The Lathe Question Thread
  68. How to make a D-bearing FHZ?
  69. Some Pornography
  70. Modified MK2 Radian
  71. Bearingized Duncan Fire Wheel
  72. Looking for a few Guinea Pigs.
  73. taps
  74. FH0 Project
  75. Removing FHZ logo?
  76. Hybridizing responses
  77. Just started my first mod!
  78. How to tune a yo-yo with a set screw axle
  79. Silicone: Deep vs. Wide?
  80. Defining threads in Autocad
  81. Throw Monkey with recess and clean bearing
  82. How to silicone your yo-yo - Video
  83. The most quiet? (ceramic KK, steel KK or center trac)
  84. seeking skilled modder!!
  85. Question on yoyo machining.
  86. Nickel Plating?
  87. Help me get an A in reverse engineering
  88. I'm closed
  89. Silicone Recessing Vs. Sticker/Pad Recessing
  90. Imperial Mod?
  91. Taking on a project, need some suggestions
  92. M1 Hubstack mod (round nut)
  93. Yoyofactory VK response question
  94. How much would this run me? P2 recess mod
  95. T-T-T-Top Secret
  96. Werrd single bearing?
  97. Velocity Painting?
  98. Velocity Bearing?
  99. Is WD-40 harmful for the bearings?
  100. Rim Satined Madhouse 5150
  101. Point of Bearing Cleaning Contencion
  102. Zomg vibe go away
  103. J-B weld?
  104. All we need now is Mario and we're set.
  105. A moDIFication of sorts.
  106. Breaking a Stargazer isn't all bad..
  107. Chrome finish on plastic?
  108. Simple Glow in the Dark Caps. (lots of pics)
  109. Lathe RPM's
  110. Whats Going On?!?!?
  111. All of my Bearings... Suck....
  112. De shielding bearings?
  113. What is beadblasting?
  114. Legacy silicone pad problems
  115. Removing YYJ Legacy weight rings???
  116. Painting question.
  117. So apparently, silicone stickers fix everything.
  118. Die Nasty and modding question
  119. glow in the dark paint and other questions
  120. Sandblast question...
  121. 3 Tom Kuhn mods
  122. My first real mod (a Duncan recess, of course)
  123. The Alph and the Lathe.
  124. What not to do...
  125. Any Yoyo Manufacturers With a Laser Engraver Willing to do an iPod for Me?
  126. Velocity 2.0 problems
  127. So... yeah I found my old Speed Dial.
  128. CHEAP Yo-Yo Case to make! (About 25$)
  129. Hubstack kit
  130. Removing PGM v2.0 Rings
  131. M1 Stacks?
  132. How do I dye string?
  133. Honolulu Freehand Zero (New Dye)
  134. Any Velocity Mods
  135. LF: someone to mod my cut
  136. satined dv888
  137. Trouble Removing MG Caps
  138. Modding FHZ caps to fit a Freehand (2)
  139. my pad recessed fhz
  140. Quick Fluchs Sticker recess
  141. You know that feeling...?
  142. Make It Your Self Pads that "work"?
  143. more help...
  144. My Mod Cherry--Popped!! (Big pics, and lots of them)
  145. help!!
  146. New Breed Frappuccino
  147. Dark Moo-gic.
  148. How do I take the side caps off a kickside?
  149. Making a Delrin/Wood/Aluminum Yoyo
  150. Response advice for Hspin yoyos
  151. pgm weight rings
  152. Dyeing Celcon, any new methods?
  153. Lyn Fury Caps
  154. hub mod
  155. HELP! Need help with my Lyn Fury
  156. Metal Zero?
  157. Here it is.. after an unbelievably large amount of work.. [56k join the century]
  158. Revive it with fire.
  159. IV's research into Bax/Chaz Pads
  160. How deep do you go for a silicone response on Duncan?
  161. Dipping the rims of a metal yoyo in plastidip.
  162. Aluminum Ducan wheels
  163. I'm about "Avengered Out"! (modding the Duncan Avenger)
  164. synergy caps on lyn fury or kickside?
  165. Genesis has serious string cutting problem
  166. Why won't my silicone reccess play unresponsive?!
  167. z stacks on pgm?
  168. Velocity question
  169. help my yo
  170. Homemade yyf nubs?
  171. My latest and greatest creation!
  172. My New Pocket Throw(Lots of Pics!)
  173. 2 Free Hand Zero Questions
  174. How do you highwall a yo-yo?
  175. How would "Mod a Monkey"?
  176. Off to worlds.
  177. Help with painting my p2?
  178. Fast 201 Mod: Pics Inside!
  179. How do you take Apart a fast 201 berring?
  180. How To Make Your Own Pads!
  181. Lathe Questions
  182. Mods at worlds
  183. Omigod Mosquito!
  184. YYF with Duncan transplants
  185. Modding on the CHEAP!
  186. gettin ready for worlds
  187. That's a Barebones?
  188. Mod Log: 2 Projects, One Thread! (Only at Theyo!)
  189. X-Yo xcalibur axle info request
  190. O-Ring Suggestions
  191. Looking to get some metal modded.
  192. Mod from live session
  193. Help With Cleaning Please :)
  194. How to make flowable silicone TOTALY flush?...
  195. Modding live NOW
  196. First yo-yo modded on webcam? (new mod inside)
  197. Duncan = Love
  198. Duncan sized shims (washers)
  199. bead blasted project
  200. Cleaning and lubing....
  201. Video How to: silicone a yoyo
  202. Z-Stack L3
  203. Pyro Zero
  204. Best way to remove FHZ caps without a chance of cracking.
  205. List of trustworthy modders
  206. what glue works best for foam
  207. alchemy nimbus
  208. Modwork?
  209. Dying a PGM 2.0
  210. Questions before I dye a PGM 1.0
  211. Milk 2% axle replacement
  212. White with black or black with white? My FHZ!
  213. My first sillicone recess (Lots of pictures)
  214. Attn modders!
  215. Found a great pad material.. but it's hell to apply.
  216. FNG could you make a non private version of this
  217. 888/Lancer w/ Zstacks
  218. has anyone ever tried DCT on a yoyo?
  219. Checkerboard Satin
  220. Finding Lye = Nightmare.
  221. Brothers!! Yoyoers of all ages!
  222. Siliconed Eetsit, Siliconed TKRD1, Milk Spacers in a Transitional FHZ
  223. Who Schmooves and Highwalls around here?
  224. Silicone clean up on groovy lady
  225. The SHINTU is here!!!
  226. Bearings and alternatives
  227. Where can I find this empty case?
  228. gitd mod
  229. want my Dark Magic modded
  230. Question About Dying A Yo-Yo
  231. Hey Vader. Looky
  232. Kyo Immortalis 2
  233. How I paint (lots of pictures)
  234. Some machined ordinance for my favorite Dif.
  235. How to: Drill-press Recessing Jig
  236. My first Dye Job: A Red YYJ Hitman
  237. K-pad backing?
  238. how can I shim a MFHZ
  239. Pads
  240. Taking apart Henry's axle to clean/replace the bearing
  241. Painting a yoyo, need help with colors.
  242. Question about Duncan Replacement pads.
  243. YYF DV888 K-pad size?
  244. Mods of the day
  245. Golden bearings.
  246. Blackened bearings.
  247. the urinal cake
  248. SPYY Bearing. No c-clips?
  249. Mod Yoyo into Spintop with stack (Warning : Big pictures)
  250. how to paint a yoyo foam?