Ok, I’m going to state this at the beginning so that no one has to ask later on… I have NO idea what the name P.Y.B.I.T. (hence to be called the Pybit) means. Frank and Dom know but refuse to tell anyone. If someone else gets it out of them, please leave me an e-mail or PM; you are a better researcher than I.

Recently there has been a push towards ultra wide yo-yos. There is the Steamroller, Wet Whistle, and Miracle just to name a few. Honestly I have been skeptical of this new movement in yo-yo design, they appeared cumbersome on the string and in all honesty if I wanted a Diablo I would just pick up a Diablo. Yes, I was guilty of judging a book by its cover, something I tell my students repeatedly not to do. During the summer I had the opportunity to play an Aoda Miracle at the Ohio State Yo-Yo Contest. It was a fun experience, so I contacted a couple manufacturers that had some ultra wide yo-yos in development and asked them if it would be possible to have a unit sent over for review. Enter ILYOVEYOYO and the Pybit, the second of their experimental series of prototypes and their unique take on the ultra wide market. As with the Trvth before it, this yo-yo is completely bonkers in design, more so that the Trvth in my opinion. It honestly looks like Frank and Dom took the yo-yo designer’s playbook and chucked it right out the window. I am curious to see how something that totally ignores modern yo-yo design conventions plays.

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