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"I'm going to get you high." These were words from an old friend wearing an evil grin. For me, it was either yo-yoing or drugs. So yo-yoing was definitely my alternative to drugs. Just look at all the influences out there in school these days. I see all these ads and peer pressure on these bad habits. The "norm" has practically evolved to this solid state. Insanity I thought. And I'd say, most people would agree. Yo-yoing means a lot to me. Who knows what I could've been. If it wasn't for it, I could be learning all the drug-addict jargon used today by many high school on-goers including my old friend. There were two paths ahead of me during middle school, one my friend took without thinking much and one to success. The decision was easily chosen, though, that's not the same as actually taking the path. All the while, journeying through that success road, I feel as though I am tied to my friend with a long bungee cord. As if he is dragging me closer and closer to his side of the road. But I know, with the help from new people and new inspiration, I can make it to the end. I'll keep looking toward that goal and keep on yo-yoing. But ultimately I look forward to this everyday to keep me in the spirit of yo.

What does the world of Yo really mean to me? Why do I continue to play? Hours after hours of yo-yoing for what? For fun? Perhaps. I picked up yo-yoing while I was in Hong Kong during one summer holiday out of boredom after watching the “Super Yo-yo” cartoon. But it has become much more than just a time-killer for me, it is apart of my everyday life. It has opened up a whole new dimension to me. Not only has it showed me the unlimited world of creativity and possibility of the yo but also added meaning to my life. I have something to strive for in my everyday life, something to look forward to at the end of the day, something to make my life seem more meaningful and worthwhile. I now know that it is possible for me to obtain joy from something else other then the computer, television or video games. It is a manner for me to get away from everything, for as I yo, all there is in my sea of thoughts is yo-yoing and nothing else. Yo-yoing is simply the motivational force towards my everyday life. The world of yo to me means having something to do in the few minutes before meals, while watching TV, fighting with my dogs for my yo-yo strings, being intimidated by tricks after tricks, and of course, visiting theyo.com everyday.

What does the world of Yo mean to me? Fun. Oh sure, there's a lot more to it than just one word, but if I were to sum it all up with just one word, fun would be it. A yo-yo and a few strings fit right in my pocket, try putting a bowling ball in your pocket. It's true what I've read, if you can do a few simple tricks, you can make people smile. What I find to be really great is doing it for little kids, they react like it's magic. It's fun to check out yoing on line. So far, everyone I've met through yo- yoing have been pretty nice. People that I've met face to face, and on line, have been willing to share what they know. Of course, I check out the on line stores too, as someone once told me, "You can never have too many yo-yos". Okay, I said that, but it seems true, doesn't it?

The world of yo has been a very positive balance point in my life. Looking back on my twenty-nine years in this existence, I have always been able to pick one up after a long sabbatical from it and be able to work through some very rough times. I don’t just play with a yo, I utilize it the same way a martial artist uses their Kata. I realize that some people would consider this comparison to be unlikely, or “far-fetched,” so please allow me to explain the similarities that I see between these art forms. A martial artist goes through their Kata in order to practice the movement already learned. One must calm their emotions in order to focus mind, body, and spirit on the fluidity of the motion and transitions. The grace and calm will hopefully lead to an inner peace. I have been able to achieve that inner peace in my yoing. It seems as though it doesn’t even matter what is troubling or stressing me out, I can always grab a yo and pull a few tricks out of my bag. When I get done, my emotions will be under control and manageable. It doesn’t even matter how successful I was in pulling off the tricks. Yoing for me is a not just a hobby, but also an avenue for me to bring my emotions into balance. I only hope that my calmness will spread to those around me.

Thousands of years ago, when they invented the yo-yo the ancient Greeks really came up with the perfect toy. They invented a device that requires the exercise of many skills and combined pleasure with intellectual pursuits. The yo-yo provides the user with endless hours of fun in the pursuits of performing many tricks of varying levels of difficulty. Intellectually, performing tricks on a yo-yo requires the skill of a fast response time as well as accuracy of judgement. Lastly, the physical skill which is exercised and developed by the use of the yo-yo is dexterity, the ability to move quickly and precisely. All of the above is what the world of yo has come to mean for me. It presents me with a world where I can undertake my most pleasurable pursuits whilst developing my physical and intellectual skills. The world of yo is really just a network of people sharing their interest in the best toy ever and finding people that share your love of yo through theyo.com. Every time I hear the whiz of the perfectly oiled axel and feel the carefully balanced weight moving around my hands it gives me the biggest rush of my life.

What does the yo world mean to me? Wow where do I begin? First off I'd like to thank all those at theyo.com for all the support and advice I've received from you. With that said I can lead it into what the yo world represents to me. Yoing to me is more then just a simple activity, it's more of a way of self -expression; it's a way to get more enjoyment out of your life. I have only been yoing for about 3 weeks now, and I'm hooked. I believe now that I've started, I'll be a yoer for life. Why you may ask? Well that's simple, for one thing it's fun and engaging, for another I feel I've made friends, which to you may sound simple, for me though it's not that simple. I'm what you could say a "loner", an "anti-socialist", or maybe even a "loser". I just like to consider myself different. With this said I can personaly tell you that it is amazing that I am spending so much time interacting with all you guys on the forums, and for that I thank you all. With this said i feel that yoing has and will continue to change my life for the better. To some it all up, the meaning of the world of yoing to me is simply finding something you like, keeping with it, making some friends along the way, and finding enjoyment out of it all.

The world of Yo means a place for me to escape to in order to relax, calm down and to detach myself from my problems during the period I am yo-yoing. It is an extreme sport in which it requires one to win against one self by pushing the player to their maximum. Yo-yoing is an artistic and visual adventure of more significance than the mere winning or losing in a contest but rather what you learn through the experience to enrich your own life. Every action made with a yo-yo reflects the personality and nature of the player as the player seemingly becomes one with the yo-yo. The yo-yo becomes a form of body language as the player expresses their thoughts and feelings through the movement of the yo-yo. The yo is a device with endless possibilities as players see it from a different perspective dependent on their culture and values. The world of Yo inevitably challenges and expands a player's ability to concentrate as well as being a form of artistic relaxation. While spinning, the yo-yo brings a sense of peacefulness while putting the mind of the player at peace and spirit at rest. The spinning yo-yo appears to generate a spiritual aura, circulating around the yo-yo, soothing the player. The yo-yo and player give the impression of becoming one as the yo-yo gradually develop into an extension of the player's arm.

A long time ago, in another time and place, most everyone I knew carried a yoyo in their pocket. By the end of the school year the teachers had a nice collection! With any foresight I'd have buttered them up a bit and had a nice collection by now - but I digress. As I grew older my interest ebbed and flowed. I've had yoyos off and on ever since, but it was more of a personal thing. Kept it to myself. I'd get one, use it for awhile, and put it away - it's a kid's toy after all. But in my own mind I knew better. It was fun, AND I enjoyed it. A few sleepers, forward passes, and some loops can be a relaxing digression - don't loose that thought, ever. Then, when you get into some of the advanced moves, there's a satisfaction of having mastered something that takes dedication and practice to achieve. You've achieved something for yourself that you didn't HAVE to do. Because it was fun! Because it satisfied an inner need! So what does all of that have to do with anything? To the rest of the world, probably not a lot. But if you yo, you know what it means. A few months ago I rediscovered this and made the decision to pursue this pastime once again. This time, I'm not alone. By the way, those teachers are all gone now. But I still carry a YOYO in MY pocket!!!

The power contained within my arm rushes out as I release the yo-yo. As it flies outward, away from my body, I can feel it vibrating the string. If I close my eyes, I can still see the yo-yo moving, feel it as though it has become part of me, catch it as if it the act were nothing. To yo-yo is to capture the pure essence of physics, and the raw beauty of poetry, contained within a shell of plastic. It is poetry in motion, science at its finest. Yet, at the height of this paradox of art and science, a yo-yo is still a toy. Still a device used to entertain and amuse. Something so succinct, so perfect can be beheld and used the world over. Therein lies the beauty of the Yo. While one person may see only a toy, another sees physics incarnate, and yet others see a work of art. The world of "Yo" is not a world of toys, of science, or of art. It is something new and exciting, a merger of the three, a way to find one's self "Yo" is what one puts into it. It can be about art, poetry, physics, entertainment, or even Zen. It is, in it's essence, a reflection of the Yo-er.

One day when my grandpa was visiting our house I was showing him my yoyo tricks to entertain him. While I was yo-yoing my brother’s friend and his friend’s wife came into the house. I ended up with quite an audience. So I was just standing there yo-yoing when I threw the yoyo, not just easily either, I threw it very hard. When I threw it, the string caught around the bearing, inside the yoyo. All of a sudden the yoyo whipped right back up at me. Without any time to react the yoyo popped me right in the nose. This didn’t just nip me in the nose, it hit extremely hard and there was a very loud pop! Everyone looked at me and I was quite embarrassed. I was hurting very badly at that moment and couldn’t do anything but hold my nose. Even though it hurt very badly and I almost broke my nose I was still very thankful. I was thankful because just a half an hour before I had taken 20-30 grams of weight out of the yoyo. If I had, had that weight in the yoyo I would have broken my nose for sure, and would have been out cold on the floor. Today, looking back on the incident, I think of it as something to laugh about. It was very fun telling all my friends about the day I almost broke my nose with my yoyo.

Yo-yoing is more than just a hobby to me, yo-yoing has expanded my horizons in unexpected ways, especially in the area of perseverance. I learn it when I am forced to strive to achieve a 10 second trick that takes 10 hours of practice. There are times when I can't catch a single suicide, or pop up a single move in spirit bomb without the yo-yo flying back and smacking my knuckles, but I still go on. So next time I don't think I can finish that overwhelming project in time, I think back to when kwijibo was just as overwhelming; but I persevered. When I am disappointed by the day by day activities in life- the thought of having to do dozens, maybe hundreds of uncaught suicides until I could catch one right will help me continue through. When I finally land on my feet, and ignoring the faults and problems around me, achieve some goal that seemed out of my reach, I will smile like I did the first time I correctly landed a trapeze, straighten up and continue onward in the journey. I will do this because the world of YO has helped me find what I want to be, as an individual, as a player in life, as a yo-yo'er, and I am glad of what yo-yoing has added to my life.

NOT ALONE! After I got fired the only thing I had left from my job is yoyoing which is the reason I got fired. And they warned me that sex is forbiden at work. So, I was left out on the street with my yo and laptop from which I'm surfing your web site. So addicted I'm wandering through the streets and spinning my old Black Nova which I can replace with a new one only if I win on this competition. What else can I say about what YO means to me? It is a street and surviving for me now and I know I'm not going to abandon it no matter what. And remember, Yo is everything...

Like a punching bag can be an outlet of aggression for a boxer, a painting can be an expression of an artist, or a pen can be the tool of a philosopher; the world of Yo can encompass all of those things and more. At just the thought of a wheel spinning at the end of a string, a couple things come to mind. Any athlete is looking for self-improvement. The world of Yo is a world where self-improvement is constant. Be it in the form of learning new tricks, acquiring more knowledge of the behavior of string, or even a better sleeper, improvement is always apparent. It's an improvement that you can't quite see or touch, and yet, it is tangible. This improvement is so gratifying. The yo-yo becomes an extension of your arm. Perhaps most important, the Yo has the power to relax one into a "Zen-like" state. In moments when that "groove" is reached… throwing without even thinking… It is as if you can see yourself from the outside, and thoughts are just free to flourish. It can be therapeutic. This therapy doesn't even have to come from the most complicated string tricks, or the fastest looping, but from the simplest throw and catch. This world means so much to so many. It is a world without limits where fun and creativity dance. It is truly a world, a world that spins at the end of a string, and orbits at the tip of a finger.

Hm,it is very difficult to say,but ok... YO-YO equally seconds,minutes,hours,days,years! YO is Iraq,Vietnam and Golden Triangle! The part of history in my hand. Magical soun of yo helps me to forget all my life problems and obsession about yo helps me to quit smoking! Somethines it makes me a pain, and I like that! Somethines make me to be a child, and I like that! THE POINT IS TO WIN A YO, SELL IT, TAKE THE MONEY, AND GO ON MARS!!!! LETS YO!

YO doesn't mean just one thing to me. It is a collection of many different ideas and skills that no other sport could ever match. Over the years, the exciting world of YO has had its share of ups and downs, referring to the yo-yo booms of the 20th century, but this age old pastime still has people mesmerized to this day. YO to me means to have the ability to do something extrodinary with something ordinary. And as skeptics wonder how so many tricks can be done with one piece of string, it also means to me that you are able to make non-believers understand the ways of a yo-yo enthusiast. Yo-yo's are not toys at all, in my own opinion. They are actually items that open up many doors for young enthusiasts here in the 21st century. Many people didn't expect the yo-yo to make it through the years, or that it would ignite a bright flame into the lives of so many. Yo-yoing is not a hobby. To me, YO means to jump into a way of life accepted into the hearts and homes of people all over the world. So, in conclusion, YO doesn't mean just one thing, but for those of us who have discovered this amazing way of life, it can be summed up in one word:compassion. It is better to have Yo and lost, than never to have Yo at all.

The word YO to me means fun, playing, and just yo-yoing! Yo is a word that can not be described. Its one of those things that you love and will do and use everyday. Yo is not as much a hobby to me it’s a way of life! I bring a yo-yo everywhere I go, and I mean everywhere. My day is not complete with out a yo or two or 32! The word YO is something that you have to love to get into it. I mean I eat, sleep, and YO that’s my way of life. Yo is a way of life, no one will ever be able to describe it. If you love the YO it will love you, you must be one with the yo! I know this sounds dumb but I am sure its true! Thank you for reading my essay, I know its not much but its something from the hart.

The world of yo' to me is fun and exciting and it is a wonderfull hobbie/lifestyle for some but any ways i think yoyoing is unique just because of what we can do how we manipulate the string and the yo its self and because there is not that many people, know that yoyoing is still around it makes it a great underground scene and it teaches hand eye courdination and good reflexes and it teaches self esteem and it is also a building block with using your hands for mabe something else like juggleing and also it expands your thinking possabilities of how to look at things maybe stradigies in life because when your yoyoing and you look at the complexity of a trick and you can break it down, well if you look at life like a yoyo trick you can break things down look at the complexityies of things and then maybe figure something out on how to do something easyer and also yoyoing keeps some prolly alot of people off the streets and out of troble because they have something to do so they are not out makeing bad choices and getting into troble and also yoyoing can make new friends like how we have theyo well you meet and chat with other people that have the same intrests as you and well i hd more to say

Yo's are fun and the fun starts Now!
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